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Big Brother 6, 2005

big brother 6

This series lasted for 11 weeks, starting on the 27th May to 12th August. 13 contestants originally entered the house, with another three joining in week five, hidden away in the secret garden. Only two - Orlaith and Eugene - went on to become bona fide housemates but the third, Kinga, made it into the house with just twelve days to go after Orlaith decided to quit.

The many and varied tasks of BB6 were amongst the most memorable to date. Highlights included the box task, where the housemates were confined to cardboard boxes; the pirate task; the speed-dating mini-task, where the housemates got to date each other in the love loft; Room 101, which saw Maxwell particpating in the week's task by himself; the Big Brother Games and the dog-handling task. Secret missions were also commonplace throughout the show, most of which involved 'unlucky' thirteenth housemate Makosi.


Big Brother 6 Housemates



Anthony won Big Brother 6 with 57.3% of the vote, narrowly beating Eugene and walking away with £50,000.

Anthony became famous in the house for his variety of catchphrases, including "Alreet!" (All right in his Geordie accent) and shouting out "Taxi".
In Week 6, it was rumoured that Anthony had had sexual intercourse with Makosi in the pool. Makosi denied this at first, but later claimed she was "95% certain" that she was pregnant with his baby. During their final interviews on leaving the house, Kemal Shahin, Craig (who was in the pool at the time) and Anthony all denied the couple had had sex.
During Anthony's stay in the house he became close with a gay hairdresser named Craig Coates; it was widely spread amongst the fellow contestants and the media that Craig was obsessing over Anthony and this caused him to be branded with the "bunny boiler" image on the outside. Upon his eviction from the house Craig was shocked that he had been branded a "bunny boiler" and refused to endorse it. Since leaving Big Brother, Anthony refuses to criticise Craig, perhaps recognising how much Craig helped him to win.

Runner Up


Entered the Secret Garden on Day 29, was voted into the main house by Makosi. A quite member of the house with eccentricities, Eugene hated arguments. He became good friends with Derek in the final weeks.

Although Eugene came second in BB6, he emerged from the house £50,000 richer after being offered (and accepting) half of the prize fund in the final week.

Eugene received 42.7% of the vote to win.

3rd in Final


In week 1 Makosi was "unlucky thirteenth" housemate and was given a secret mission to get the most nominations, she succeeded and won immunity, she then chose chose Craig and Mary to be up for eviction.

The swimming pool orgy was one of the biggest shocks of the show. Makosi claimed she went all the way with Anthony, who was adamant that they hadn't. Makosi confided in Vanessa that she could be pregnant as a result of the romp. Days later she announced to Big Brother that the panic was over. Big Brother had not made history with a live TV conception, Makosi's period had started.

Makosi finished 3rd with 8.7% of the vote to win, being the top female housemate

kinga4th in Final


Entered the Secret Garden on Day 29, she was not picked by Makosi to enter the main house and was evicted in week 5. However Kinga had a second chance when she re-entered the house after Orlaith walked out on Day 65. As Kinga was sent in, she was told that if she got at least one person to not nominate her this week, she will be immune from eviction and definitely be in the house for the final week and will be eligible to win.

Big Brother faced a storm of protest after broadcasting housemate Kinga's X-rated antics.

She only received 4.1% of the vote to win.


5th in Final


During his time in the house Craig immediately created 'Team Britney' along with Lesley and Vanessa. When Lesley was evicted on Day 15 Craig began to align himself with Anthony, Maxwell and Saskia. Craig then developed an unsettling obsession with Anthony, this resulted in some awkward, strange and sexual moments.

Craig finished 5th, and was evicted on Day 76 in a surprise final week eviction having received just 4.1% of the vote to win.

10th Evicted


First housemate to enter the Big Brother House, Derek was outspoken and often disgusted in the behaviour of some of the younger housemates. Known to be very tidy in the house, and would often talk to himself and Big Brother. Derek had some very long conversations with Big Brother in the diary room.

Below is Derek's poem that he made up while tidying the kitchen:
The House of Big Brother
"Here I sit in the House of Big Brother
Excited, delighted and somewhat confused.
My mind's in a turmoil
I'm totally bemused.
Will I lose my nerve and do a runner?
Some people will say: "What a silly bugger!"
Will I sparkle and shine?
Fame and fortune be mine?
Who can know the outcome?
And bring me an answer?
Neither you nor I
Nor even Big Brother".

The last housemate to be up for eviction, he was voted out on Day 71, receiving 58% of the vote against his friend Eugene.

9th Evicted


Kemal entered the house in gold stilettos and a sari, he was known as a bit of a Diva in the house. Kemal had a fiery relationship with Makosi, and was often convinced that Makosi was a mole working for Big Brother. Kemal as with most of the other housemates became increasingly annoyed with Maxwell and Saskia's flirting, and memorably told them he was sure they had secured a magazine deal.

Kemal Quote:
'I may wear stilettos...but i still have balls.'

Evicted with 51.1% of the public vote, against Orlaith.



Entered the Secret Garden on Day 29, was voted into the main house by Makosi. Surgically-enhanced model Orlaith tried to win over male fans by spending much of her time topless. She did not get along with Science and had many arguments with him.

When Orlaith was up for eviction against Science she overheard the public chanting her name as Science was evicted, this probably led Orlaith to walk out on Day 65.

8th Evicted


Very argumentative and outspoken, Science didn't really get along with anyone in the house. Science spent most of the time asking: "You git me?"

Other Memorable Science Quotes:
'Tweedle dumb, tweedle dee and tweedle twat [to Anthony, Maxwell and Craig]'

'I don't eat chickens arse cos it's not good for ya. D'ya get me?'

He was evicted in week eight when up against Orlaith McAllister in the second closest public vote in Big Brother history with only one percent between the two housemates (50.5%/49.5%)

7th Evicted


In Week 2, in a conversation with Lesley, Vanessa broke the game rules by discussing whom she would be nominating. Although the nominations still took place, Big Brother decided to ignore the results and ruled that, for the first time in the UK series, every housemate would be up for eviction.

Vanessa was hugely unpopular for her bitching about other housemates behind their backs, she was unpopular due to the fact that all she did was eat, bitch and sleep however she could hardly do anything in the house after sustaining an injury to her ankle.

All housemates were put to the public vote except Anthony, Craig, and Kemal.On eviction night, the housemates decided which of the two housemates with the most eviction votes would leave. Makosi and Vanessa were chosen by the public and all the housemates except Kemal voted to evict Vanessa.

6th Evicted


Maxwell started off popular inside and outside the house. He began to flirt with the bikini clad Sam from the start but soon moved his attention to Saskia. Once TeaM Saskia was formed his popularity declined, the constant smooching with Saskia was annoying to watch.

On Day 24, Big Brother set the housemates the Room 101 task. Maxwell selected himself to be worker number one, automatically making him the unlucky worker. Maxwell was assigned to disgusting tasks such as sorting maggots. The true task was for the other housemates to convince Maxwell that they were all doing the same tasks that he was performing whilst in reality living in luxury. The housemates passed the task and won a luxury budget.

Evicted with 57% of the vote against Science.

5th Evicted


After the Cider incident "Team Saskia" was formed, other members included Anthony, Craig, and Maxwell.

Romance blossomed between Maxwell and Saskia. The pair sparked a "did they or didn't they?" riddle over whether they had sex when they were caught fumbling under the duvet. But after 23-year-old Saskia was evicted she blushed and said: "I'm not sure I would call what we did sex, I would call it friction."

Ok magazine reported in February 2007 that Maxwell and Saskia are no longer together.

Evicted with 71% of the public vote against Maxwell.

4th Evicted

Had many arguments in the house, most noticeably with Maxwell when he threw pasta over Maxwell's head. Became increasingly isolated from the rest of the housemates with his patronising attitude.

Evicted with 53% of the vote, against Derek

3rd Evicted

Couldn't quite decide who she fancied more, Anthony or Maxwell? Remembered for wearing a bikini for most of the time in the house. Sam was bullied by Craig and Vanessa, and never got on well with Saskia.

Evicted with 59% of the public vote, against Roberto and Derek.

2nd Evicted


Lesley entered the house wearing a very short nurses outfit. Her body language when meeting the other housemates told us she felt very threatened by the other female contestants.
Whilst staying in the house she, along with Craig and Vanessa, were noted for bullying fellow housemate Sam, which angered housemates such as Anthony and Maxwell who both got involved in an argument with her over the way she was treating her.

Evicted with 36% of the public vote, against all housemates, wearing a Police outfit?

1st Evicted


Known as Scary Mary for that wide eyed stare, Mary entered the house wearing a cape and holding a broomstick.

Never really got along with the other housemates, for some reason she told the other housemates that Big Brother was going to let her bring her dog into the House?

Mary celebrated her birthday on Day 4 in the house, Big Brother gave her a witch style birthday party..

Evicted with 60% of the vote, against Craig.




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